The Kappa Mummy

Inside the Matsuura Ichi Shuzo Sake Brewery

The Matsuura Ichi Shuzo Sake Brewery is not easy to find. It is located in the city of Imari on the island of Kyushu, about 580 miles southeast of Tokyo. The factory is over 300 years old. It is ancient, gloomy and filled with artifacts that its owner, Mr. Yamaguchi, says were mostly found a generation ago when the factory was cleaned out.

It is said that a box was found up in the rafters and that in this box they found, well... something. It was the remains of a small, skeletal creature, about the size of a small cat. Those who found it decided that they had found a dead Kappa.

Kappas are legendary river spirits of Japan. They come in many forms and are known by many names. It is said they assault and drown people and animals whom they lure into the water. They are depicted as blood-drinking, liver-eating, soul-stealing monsters who will occasionally help people out and bring them gifts of fish. The body of the Matsuura Kappa is kept in a small shrine at the end of the main warehouse. Mr. Yamaguchi says that this Kappa blesses his sake. It's impossible to dispute this as the sake made here is very good and Mr. Yamaguchi is happy to let you taste it.

Matsuura Ichi Shuzo Sake Brewery
Speaks English?

Best way to get there?
Car. Make sure your GPS speaks English.

No, but plenty to drink.

Worth Going?
Yes, as long as you buy plenty of sake.

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